AbsoluteTelnet 9.83

Celestial Software (Shareware)

AbsoluteTelnet is a terminal emulator; it works as a Telnet and SSH client designed for Windows users. Aside from Telnet and Secure Shell or SSH, it is also able to implement direct COM port connections as well as SFTP file transfers and TAPI Dialup connections. It supports a SOCKS proxy and also comes with firewall options. Tin addition, this application provides users with a number of encryption options to ensure network security, such as AES, Cast128, Twofish, IDEA, Blowfish, RC4, and 3DES.

One of this emulator’s notable features is an integrated SFTP client that enables users to initiate file transfers without having to run an external application. Zmodem, xmodem, and ymodem protocols are also available for file transfer purposes. It also comes with customization tools that allows users to change the colors and fonts used in the application interface. Its other features and options include bidirectional text, dynamic port forwarding, and use of the IDNA, or International Domain Names for Applications.

Another main feature is its tabbed interface that efficiently eliminates the window clutter on the user’s desktop. Tabs can be closed and reordered by dragging according to the user’s preference. Users can rename a tab to help users identify configurations easily, while maintaining the name of the configuration file itself.