Absolute Patience

Kamikaze Games Designers (Freeware)

Absolute Patience is a collection of games that contains 430 types of solitaire card games. Developed by a company called Kamikaze Games Designers, this collection features time-honored games such as Freecell, Klondike, Pyramid, Four Seasons, and Spider among many others. The cards’ design features realistic photo images that are presented three sizes. Players can also customize the playing area by choosing from the following options: full background images, textured mosaic, and gradient color schemes. They can also import personal photo images from the hard drive to use as the background design.

One of this collection’s unique features is the game analyzer, which informs the player of the current game’s chances of completion. Players can choose to play timed or untimed games, depending on the level of challenge desired. Timed games offer higher scores for the least amount of time spent on a game. The game records the top ten solitaire scores of a player, which can be compared with friends’ best scores.

Absolute Patience affords players with an unlimited number of undo moves in any solitaire game. Moreover, they can take a snapshot of a game currently being played so that it can be restored later on. Moving cards can be done by either dragging them or just clicking on them with a mouse. Game statistics are also recorded and automatically stored in the player’s hard drive.