Able2Extract Professional Inc. (Shareware)

Able2Extract Professional is a PDF conversion program with an added PDF viewer developed by Inc. The program works in three simple steps – Open, Select and Convert. Opening of files can be done using the PDF viewer. The program also features Batch Conversion. It has the ability to perform conversion of multiple PDF files at once. Able2Extract Professional also features PDF to Editable MS Word. It preserves the formatting, layout as well as the graphics of the PDF file when it converts to MS Word. Users can also fill out native PDF forms in Word using the program’s PDF to Forms conversion.

Able2Extract Professional features PDF to Formatted Excel as well. Users can get the exact row and column structure allowing them to analyze data from the PDF file. Users can also convert PDF to PowerPoint for editing and viewing. Aside from MS Office formats, this application can also convert PDF files to AutoCAD formats including DWG and DXF. This feature allows recovering of text and vector graphics from the PDF file then put it in formats supported by AutoCAD. The program also has support for XPS Conversion as well as Pinpoint conversion.

Other common tasks that can be performed using this application include the following:

• PDF to Publisher
• PDF to Open Office
• PDF to Images