Able MIDI Editor 1.3.2

WIDISOFT (Shareware)

Able MIDI Editor is used for composing and editing audio files in MIDI format. The program’s interface is designed just like a piano roll. The piano keys are placed vertically on the left side of the main window. A MIDI file can be imported into the program and then edited by adding or deleting notes or adjusting their duration and pitch. Furthermore, the program supports group editing. Users can choose a bunch of notes and edit them all at the same time. The technology behind this program is based on the WIDI Recognition System.

The program’s interface is clean and intuitive with all the command buttons and menus located at the upper portion of the window. The work area consists of the notes and bars and the track editor is located at the right side of the window. There is also an options menu where users can change the settings for creating a new file, the editor, playback, and focusing. Other key features of the program are as follows:

• Support for multi-track creation and editing of MIDI files
• Wide variety of playback modes
• Support for cutting and copying to the Windows clipboard
• Comes with Tapping Tool for bar line precision