AbiWord Portable (Freeware)

AbiWord Portable is the portable edition of the AbiWord software. It was developed and published by As a portable edition, the program allows users to store AbiWord on a USB drive or any portable device and use it on any computer while retaining its configurations and settings. Because it does not need to be installed on a computer, the program does not make any changes to the Windows registry.

The program can be used the same way the standard AbiWord version is used like opening, creating, and editing any supported word processing document. The only difference is that users run it via the portable device where it is installed. It is, however, possible to store the program on the local hard drive, too. Users can also add plug-ins to the portable edition of AbiWord. This can be done by downloading the plug-ins from the AbiWord website. However, when installing the plug-in/s, users must uncheck the “create an uninstaller” option. Users can also store and run the AbiWord Portable from a CD. To do this, users must extract the portable file to the local hard drive and set configurations and desired plug-ins. After these are set, users just burn the portable file to the CD and run it from there.