Abilon 2.5.3

SisyphSoft (Freeware)

Abilon is a browser program developed by SisyphSoft and released on January 2012. The program enables users to browse and view RSS Feeds. It also allows users to download specific feeds from feed groups for offline reading. The program receives RSS feeds and provides users the capability to see and download them. Saved feeds can be stored in the Memories tab for future reference.

Abilon features a simple graphical user interface. The window is divided into three panels. The first panel shows the feeds tree containing the different categories or feed groups. The second panel shows the different RSS feeds contained in the selected feed group or category. The third panel displays the contents of the selected RSS feed. The third panel enables users to mark items as Read or Unread, copy text for pasting on another program, or Save the same into the Memories tab. This is the default layout. Users may switch between the three-panel layout to newspaper, horizontal, or vertical split mode.

Abilon features support for OPML output format. The program also comes with a Search function. Search parameters include filter functions like Latest 100, All for last day, etc. The program also allows users to Print the RSS feed contents, or select the encoding mode for exporting to another word processing program. Context menu options include Properties and View Source.