ABF Outlook Backup

ABF software, Inc. (Shareware)

ABF Outlook Backup is a utility that is intended to backup MS Outlook data. This program works fast and is fully secure. This is the utility if choice for users who want to make sure that they can recover important information in case any mishap occurs. This application is also capable of saving e-mails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, folders, and tasks. In addition, it is also capable of restoring and saving e-mail accounts, signatures, message rules, settings, and RSS feeds. ABF Outlook Backup saves the data on a flash drive, a remote computer via LAN, a local computer, and it can burn files on a DVD or CD. This function is mediated by the internal DVD/CD burner.

ABF Outlook Backup is a program from ABF software, Inc. that gives users the chance to restore all the data and correspondence stored in Outlook even after a computer crash, virus attack, or any hardware malfunction. This handy back-up tool conducts its operations based on a guaranteed three-step procedure: 1) What, 2) Where, 3) Go!

The security features of ABF Outlook Backup are at an advanced level because this tool is capable of data encryption, password protection, and there are high performance algorithms that do not allow unauthorized access. This utility supports MS Outlook 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, and MS Outlook XP.