abcAVI Tag Editor 1.8

Alexander A. Sorkin (Freeware)

AbcAVI Tag Editor is standalone utility software created by Kibi in October 2005. AbcAVI Tag Editor allows users to view and edit tags in AVI video files. It allows users to add movie information. It features pre-defined content lists for common tags like Genre, Rated, Language, and Copyright. AbcAVI Tag Editor also supports MovieID tags, IDivX tags and RIFF INFO tags which enables Windows players’ backward compatibility.

AbcAVI Tag Editor utilizes both tree style and short form format for showing information. It also features an Import functionality. Information that may be found in the Internet Movie Database may be accessed and added as tags on AVI files. AbcAVI Tag Editor users may specify up to 30 import positions and set limitations. AbcAVI Tag Editor also has an Export functionality, which allows users to create export templates from 150 pre-defined keywords. This program supports a variety of text formats like DOC, XLS, HTML, and TXT. Through the Export function, AbcAVI Tag Editor also allows users to rename the AVI files.

AbcAVI Tag Editor also offers Info Tips Shell Extension. It allows users to view tags by just having the mouse hover over the AVI file name. This program also supports up to 770 TwoCC and FourCC codes. These codes allow users to see the audio codecs and video codecs utilized in the AVI file.