ABC Kid Genius (Freeware)

ABC Kid Genius is an educational software application aimed at teaching young children how to count and identify letters of the alphabet. Developed by, this program features several tools that will help parents make their children’s learning experience fun and entertaining. The program is divided into the following sections: standalone words, words in context, numbers, and counting. It has a simple and straightforward interface that displays thumbnails for each of the menu items, which include Keyboard or Mouse, Alphabet, Flash Words, Easy Menus, and Reading among others. A notable feature of this program is the user’s ability to add words to the database. Matching images can also be uploaded to illustrate the added words.

Apart from images, ABC Kid Genius also makes use of audio and video clips to teach them how to use the computer keyboard. Parents can add sound and/or video clips to accompany certain words in the database in order for the children to learn them more easily. In the Spelling category, users can activate the Auto Spell function or get hints to complete a word. For every correctly spelled word, a video launches as a reward. The program also contains a Help file and menu, which connects the user to the developer’s website.