ABC Island

KraiSoft Entertainment (Shareware)

ABC Island is a word-based game in which players form words out of the given letter tiles. The game has three game modes: Strategy, Quests, and Arcade. In Strategy, players are challenged to create the longest words out of the given tiles. There are 59 levels in Strategy mode. In the Quest mode, players are given a list of target words to form in each of the mode’s 30 levels. In Arcade mode, players are given a time limit with which to achieve a certain number of points. There are 50 levels to finish in Arcade mode. Players are given bonus items and letters as they progress through the game in whichever mode they choose. This application can recognize over 90,000 words, from basic three-letter words to longer ones, making this game appealing to players of all knowledge and skill levels. The longer the formed words are, the higher the points awarded to players.

ABC Island features different island settings, from the tropics to the more wintry islands of the northern hemisphere. Players will be able to see ships in the background, as well as wildlife such as sea gulls. The game interface is simple and intuitive, making it user-friendly and interesting for children. It also features colorful visuals and catchy music to add to the game atmosphere. The game can be played by multiple users; individual game progress can be saved automatically. Players also have the option to change game preferences.