Abacus Whiz

Abacus International Pte. Ltd. (Proprietary)

Abacus Whiz is an application that provides travel agents with an easy and convenient way to access the Abacus Central Reservation System and the Abacus Global Distribution System, as well as other travel content. It is able to automate the process of travel booking, allowing travel consultants to become more efficient and provide their clients with better service. With this program, travel agencies will be able to simplify their operations, offer clients the best travel rates, improve their productivity, and ultimately increase their profitability.

Among the features of Abacus Whiz are the following:
• Access to real-time content – this program gives users global access to more than one million records of market and agency fares from Abacus FareX.
• Customization of itineraries – users can create, preview, and edit itineraries according to agency or client preferences. This program comes with a range of text properties and layout templates to choose from.
• Workflow optimization – this application lets users simplify and smoothen their workflow through features such as shortcut keys, printer management, and a user-friendly graphical interface for seat reservations.
• Seamless integration of operations – this application comes with features that let users view, save, print, and email insurance policies; access hotel maps, and easy reissuing of tickets.
• Productivity tools – users are given access to eLearning courses and promotions from airline and other travel providers.