ABA English Course 3.0

ABA English (Shareware)

ABA English Course is an educational application that was developed to help users study the English language. The program is geared towards beginners to advanced students. It makes use of the Real Life Learning System, which makes it easier for students to learn the language in a fun way. The program has 6 difficulty levels that are spread throughout more than 140 units. One of the main features of the application is voice recognition technology. This enables users to record their own voices while speaking so that they can compare it with voice recordings in the program.

On the user interface, users can choose from lessons under the different difficulty levels. The lessons are presented in different ways to make it more fun for the user to learn. Some of the areas tackled in the program are grammar, writing, speaking, dictation, and situations where users will be able to practice their English in different situations. The program also comes with different quizzes and tests to track the progress of students.

After completing and passing one of the levels in the program, users are given a certificate. This official certificate is based on the CEFR or The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.