GRAHL software design (Freeware)

Developed by GRAHL Software Design, AB-Euro is an integrated solution for any and all needs concerning currency conversion. The designers have made it similar to a pocket calculator for the PC. It consumes very little computer resources when a user minimizes it to the taskbar. When the user needs the calculator, he or she simply needs to double-click on the icon in the taskbar to launch the calculator and perform conversions at any time. The program houses all these functions in a stylishly designed user interface that the developers describe as an “eye catcher.”

GRAHL Software Design AB-Euro allows its users to convert between all Euro-based currencies. It allows users to convert, as well, into 35 other currencies that are foreign to the Euro. Including, but not limited to, the Japanese Yen, Australian Dollar, US Dollar, Chinese Yuan Renminbi, and other currencies. All these currencies can be found in a simple drop-down list on the main interface that is simple enough for even novices to use. The program’s interface is incredibly simple. It is simply a matter of selecting which currencies the user wishes to convert to and from, inputting the values of the currency to be converted, and the program does it all automatically. It is incredibly hard to go wrong in a program that is incredibly simple yet incredibly powerful.