Aaron Crane - Paintings Come Alive

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Aaron Crane - Paintings Come Alive is a hidden object adventure game. In this game, players help the protagonist, Aaron Crane, find his father. Aaron’s father Dominic suffered from a mental illness, and the doctor suggested an alternative healing method, which required Dominic to paint everything that comes to his mind. He then suddenly disappears, leaving nothing but the strange and eerie paintings—the products of his subconscious—behind. Players must help Aaron search for clues. One painting contains an address, and when Aaron goes to that specific location, he discovers his father’s paintings that mysteriously come alive, leading Aaron to believe that his father is trapped in one of them.

In this game, each painting serves as a scene where hidden objects are located. Shards of glass are also scattered in the different paintings; these must be collected to find out what happened to Dominic. Players can also collect tools to help them solve the puzzles included in the game. There are also mini games that can be played along the way, and these games uncover clues to Dominic’s whereabouts.

The game provides players with hints to help them locate objects and finish puzzles. The hint button can be found at the lower right corner of the game screen. The collected items are stored in the inventory at the bottom, where players can select the appropriate items when solving puzzles.