AAMS Auto Audio Mastering System

Sined Supplies Inc. (Freeware)

Auto Audio Mastering System (AAMS) is an application that provides automatic audio mastering. It has features for ensuring that Loudness Settings, Multiband Compression, and Equalizer attributes result in a professional-sounding mix. Also, it offers internal DSP (Digital Signal Processing) that helps correct all audio imperfections.  

To generate a master mix, AAMS allows the user to select a reference. The application provides a system for creating an original reference style. Alternatively, there is a database of over a hundred reference styles so that the user can select an appropriate matching reference. With the DSP Player, it is possible to listen to the reference before choosing it. If a reference is desired, the user can immediately select it even while playing it. The module called Reference Parametric EQ enables the user to adjust the reference.

Once the user picks a reference and loads the source music material, AAMS’ Analyzer automatically evaluates the source audio and compares it with the chosen reference. Then, it displays suggestions for spectrum display, equalization, loudness, and multiband compression. These suggestions are forwarded to the DSP processors to produce the new mix. If the user wants to remaster or remix the product, AAMS provides the right tools for the job.