AAA Logo: Logo Design Software

SWGSOFT.COM (Shareware)

AAA Logo: Logo Design Software is an application for creating professional looking logos for businesses or for websites. The program has a simple interface and users can create logos in a few minutes in just three steps. There are hundreds of built-in templates for creating logos. Users can choose to work on a template or start a project from scratch. Afterwards, users can choose from thousands of logo objects that can be customized. Objects from templates can be replaced and the properties of each object can be changed.

The program offers shapes, images, and effects. In addition, users can add text and change the color properties, too. Finished logos can be exported in different formats – GIF, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and JPEG. The resolution and image quality of the logo can be set according to the user’s needs. The finished project can be printed out within the application’s window.

Here are the other features of the AAA Logo: Logo Design Software:
• Easy to use
• Simple and clean interface
• Thousands of objects to choose from
• Create high quality logos
• Trademark created logo

Users can also read tutorials on how to use the different parts of the application on the official website.