A43 File Management Utility

B. G. Miller (Freeware)

As a file manager, A43 is a feature-packed intuitive program that helps the user carry out a variety of file management operations, like creating ZIP archives and building ISO images. It has an integrated mechanism with zip/unzip functions, quick launch area, dual-pane view, file search, and text editor. The application is engineered to facilitate professional file and directory management.

A43 is a lightweight and portable application. This means that it can function without leaving traces in the computer’s registry. The program can be copied into USB flash drives and similar devices so that users can easily bring it with them anywhere they need to perform operations with files. Quick access to the stored files and folders can be done as the users can sort them by date, name, type, or size.

With this program, it is also possible to carry out various operations including the ones below:

• Make a list of programs the user wants to launch.
• Activate the “Hex Viewer.”
• Use the primary pane to directly edit documents.
• Editing tools, such as copy, paste, cut, and delete, are available.
• Editing modules also allow the user to insert date and time stamps, redo or undo actions, and save the modifications to a plain text file.
• Customization of the background color and file/folder names in terms of font style, color, and size is possible.