A400M Load Manager

Wilco Publishing (Bundled)

A400M Load Manager is an add-on developed by Wilco Publishing and published by Just Flight Ltd. The add on is included in the Airbus A400M package together with the additional military aircraft, A400M for the developer’s flight simulation games. A400M Load Manager functions as a platform that lets players adjust the aircraft’s payload. Also known as Load Manager, it lets users select vehicle and cargo loads. The developer placed the program under the Wilco folder stored in the FS9 directory in the package.

The add-on allows users to configure two payload options. First is to use the Cargo option and adjust the slider to the preferred weight. Weight adjusted is measured in tons with maximum of 30 tons available for adjustment. The Vehicle option lets players configure weight adjustment according to the preferred vehicles to transport. Users can choose from trucks and jeeps with their respective weight. Players can combine several vehicles until they meet the required weight.

The Load Manager is very simple to use through sliders and vehicle configuration. Its user interface is presented in buttons and organized in a manner that will look easy to manipulate. Even novice users will be able to use the program

A400M Load Manager shows the aircraft’s interiors to give users an idea about what the cargos will look like once they are stored inside it and ready for transportation.