A4 for Windows

ARTDINK Corporation (Proprietary)

A4 for Windows is a simulation game developed by ArtDink and published by SourceNext. The developers first released the game in 1993 and later made available for early Windows versions. A4 became the predecessor of other A4 game editions like A-Train 4 15th Anniversary, A-Train 4 XP, AIV: Evolution, and AIV: Evolution Global.

Players are in charge of running a railway company and building a town from scratch. The game is compared with The Sims game as gamers concentrate in establishing a town and making it successful. Collected resources will be utilized in building facilities like buildings, roads and others. Unlike other games, A4 for Windows does not have any antagonist to stir the peaceful city, but will surely test a gamer’s management skills, the virtual way.

Controls are designed in an organized way that allows users to layout all the necessary components in promoting urban development. Players can layout roads in order to build structures and establishments. These allow the city to develop and expand until it becomes a prime virtual city.

The overall layout looks like an industrialized city that players can govern. The game also allows users to create their own maps with the map construction tool, which makes it easy to customize the cityscape features.