A1 Sitemap Generator 4 5.1.0

Microsys (Shareware)

A1 Sitemap Generator 4 is a tool that enables users to easily create structure maps of websites. Structure or site maps allow search engines to crawl and index all of the pages of a website and monitor the content changes. It makes use of RSS, HTML, and XML site maps. The crawling engine can gather all the links on the site and generate reports informing users of broken or redirected links.

This application has an intuitive interface that would suit users of all skill levels, especially beginners in programming. Users begin the sitemap generating process by entering the path of the root directory or the domain address. The application will then scan the specified page or domain and generate the site map automatically. The structure of the specified site is shown in detail, letting users view a list of the site’s directories in tree view for easier navigation. It presents users with data on response codes and redirections, as well as the internal links and external links to the site.

This application can generate standard XML sitemaps suited for the Google search engine. It can also create HTML and text maps, ROR sitemap feeds, lists for CSS and JavaScript menus, RSS feeds, and Web sitemaps. This sitemap generator comes with predefined configuration templates to enable users to build a project quicker and easier.