A Valley Without Wind

Arcen Games (Shareware)

A Valley Without Wind is a procedurally-generated adventure game developed by the company, Arcen Games. It is set in a futuristic post-Ice Age world, wherein a random person must endure all environmental challenges in order to survive. The player assumes the role of a glyphbearer who travels to different continents and regions in the hopes of finding a suitable place to settle in. One of the unique features of the game is that it is procedurally-generated, which means that each player encounters a distinctive and endless world. As the player explores the surroundings, the world changes and evolves into its permanent state.

The player can take on more than one character in Valley Without World, but death does not mean the end of the game. The character’s game level is retained, and so do the loot, weapons, and everything else that the player was able to acquire. The player can assume the role of another survivor and carry on with the game. The character also has to go through dungeons and defeat demons in order to progress in the game, and build structures to improve his/her world. The graphics includes two-dimensional platforms with detailed images in the background. To increase the level of the character’s continent, the player must successfully accomplish five missions.