A Ruler for Windows 2.7

Rob Latour (Freeware)

A Ruler for Windows is a simple application that adds a pixel ruler on the screen. This is useful when creating websites, designing different types of graphics, and measuring digital objects. It also comes with a reading guide that appears on the edges of the screen. Rulers on the screen can be displayed horizontally or vertically on the screen. It can also be dragged at the ends to extend its length and meet the user’s needs. The program is simple and easy to use, which makes it ideal for both novice and advanced computer users.

There are small buttons that can be seen on the edges of the ruler. These buttons can be used to adjust the ruler according to the user’s liking. Ticks can also be added on the ruler, allowing users to get the exact measurement of a side. Users can magnify the area and take a screenshot in order to see the items more clearly. A Ruler for Windows also comes with different skins that users can choose from. Skins included are yellow construction, plastic see through, stainless steel, and wood grain. Users can also create their own skins to use with the ruler and share it with other users of the application on the official website.