A-PDF Text Replace 3.2.0 (Shareware)

A-PDF Text Replace is a simple program that allows users to search and replace text on PDF documents. The program has a user-friendly wizard interface, which makes it ideal for use by those who are not computer savvy. The program also supports batch processing, which allows users to replace or delete text from several documents simultaneously in order to save time.

The main window of the application is divided into three sections for the three steps in replacing text. The first section is for adding PDF documents. This can be done by clicking the button labeled “Add Files” or “Add Folder”, located at the top portion of the window. A list of PDF files will then be listed on screen together with the file name and file path. The second section is “Text Replace Setting”, which is divided into two tabs – one for simple replacements and the other for advanced. Users just have to type in the text to be replaced and type in the text to replace it with. The third section is “Replace Text”. Users just have to click on “Replace” or “Replace and Save as” to start the process. The program is also capable of removing watermarks on PDF documents.