A-PDF Split (Shareware)

A-PDF Split is a standalone application that does not need Adobe Acrobat to function. It allows the user to split PDF files into several smaller PDF files. It allows the user to control the output split of the files and how the files are to be split in the smaller files. It features an extractor to remove parts of a PDF file.

A-PDF Split allows the user to convert large PDF files and extract them to smaller pieces. Smaller pieces are saved into a new file or files. The application can combine split PDF files with other PDF files with the utility A-PDF Merger to create new PDF files. Locked, secured and password protected PDF files are allowed to be split by the user with the application. The user can extract or remove pages and select pages to be split. Splitting a PDF file is done by selecting on the interface the number of pages to be split, bookmarks, page removal, and extraction and collation. The user can specify the split parameters. Users can choose to split PDF file by pages, bookmarks or by odd/even pages. Then the user must specify the output location and pattern of the filename then activate the conversion.

A-PDF Split features defined splits that can be saved and imported for later use.