A-PDF Restrictions Remover 1.6.9 (Shareware)

A-PDF Restrictions Remover is a program that removes restrictions on a PDF document. It can remove restrictions for documents that are protected with 128-bit AES, 128-bit RC4, and 40-bit RC4 encryptions. The software is not capable of removing restrictions from third-party plug-ins. For PDF documents that are password protected, users must first supply the correct password before the program can remove the restrictions. After removing the restrictions, users can edit, print, and copy the PDF file.

Users can remove restrictions even without launching the application on the computer. This can be done by right-clicking on a PDF file and selecting ‘Remove Restrictions’ or ‘Remove Restrictions & Save as…” from the context menu. There are also other options, such as Open, Print, and Open With. The application’s main window is simple. There are instructions on how to use the application, too. There is a ‘Settings’ button on the main window where users can see the options for managing the application. PDF files with the restrictions removed can be saved with a .BAK file extension so that they are preserved.

Other features of the application are the following:
• Simple and easy to use
• Preserve original PDF files
• Automatically remove restrictions