A-PDF Number Pro 3.1 (Shareware)

A-PDF Number Pro is an application used for adding page numbers to PDF documents. The program can be used by businesses and companies that deal with several PDF files daily. The application has a simple and intuitive interface. All the command buttons and tools for adding page numbers are located on the upper portion of the window. The steps are also numbered, so novice computers will not have trouble using the application. PDF documents can be imported to the program by clicking on the “Add File” or “Add Folder” button on the upper portion of the main window.

The “Number settings” window shows all the options for adding page numbers. Users have control over the type of font, size of the font, style of the font, color, and position of the margins and page numbers on each page of the document. The program also has advanced settings where users can change the number type, page range, page number, labels, text effects, and special configurations.

Other features of A-PDF Number Pro are the following:

• supports the drag-and-drop feature for adding PDF documents to the program
• supports continuous numbering method
• users can look at previews of PDF files
• does not need Acrobat Reader to work
• support for adding labels