A-PDF Number (Freeware)

A-PDF Number is a program that will place numbers on pages of the users PDF files. It is a standalone application. It does not need Adobe Acrobat to operate and users can create documents that are supported by Adobe Acrobat. Users can assign the numbers on the left, middle, or right of the bottom of the PDF page.  

A-PDF Number application has an interface window where the user can open their PDF files. To open a file, the user clicks the File Browser. Users can preview the PDF file and then set the starting and ending page to be numbered. Users can select which pages to be numbered. The program has 3 number characters for the user to select. The number options are Numeric, and Lowercase Roman (iv) and Uppercase Roman (IV). Users can choose prefix settings and color settings. Page locations for the numbers are allowed on the bottom of the page, on either the left, middle, or right. After selecting the number options, the user can activate the conversion button. A preview display will show the completed document. When the numbering of the PDF file is complete, the PDF will automatically open for the user to view.

A-PDF Number also allows users to add page number to locked or secure PDF files. Locked PDF files do not need to be unlocked or unsecured for the application to add page numbers.