A-PDF EPUB to FlipBook 1.0.0

A-PDF (Shareware)

Many computer users will be familiar with the PDF or Portable Document Format. It is a type of file that allows multiple users to share a document across platforms. It is a common method of sharing documents independent of application software, operating systems and hardware. All a user needs to open a PDF file is a PDF reader and the document may then be viewed instantly. A-PDF’s EPUB to FlipBook program gives users a method of converting the PDF format into a Flash FlipBook. This makes the document contained in the PDF file much more streamlined for presentations.

A-PDF EPUB to FlipBook has a great list of features that makes it easy for the user to customize the creation of his or her flipbook. The creation or conversion itself takes place in only two steps. The program provides a multitude of FlipBook templates to choose from. A wide variety of transition effects are also provided, with automatic previews. Customized company logos can be inserted. Other useful features include the ability to add music to the presentation. The user can set defined times for when the music would play, or set that the music will always be playing. After the user is satisfied with however they want the FlipBook to be presented, the program offers three output types. The program can either output for Web-based presentations, write an EXE or executable file, or the user can choose to export the FlipBook to a CD.