A-FF Repair Station 4.4

A-FF Data Recovery (Shareware)

A-FF Repair Station is a data recovery program that has two major functions: one is the removal of the encrypted ATA password from a hard disk and the other is the recovery of files from the HDD firmware. With this utility, hard disks locked with ATA passwords can be accessed, allowing technicians to do repair work. Inaccessible drives may also be due to damaged file systems in the firmware area. This tool is able to detect those damages and read the firmware area to diagnose and analyze the components within, and to rewrite the firmware back after it is recovered. This program is intended for advanced computer users.

This utility is safe to use for partitioned disks. It supports the removal of encrypted ATA passwords in both High and Maximum HDD security levels. By accessing the firmware area, the application can reset the password and unlock the drive automatically. In order for this application to work, the user’s hard drive must be attached directly to the SATA or IDE port on the motherboard. Users must make sure that their port functions in a non-AHCI and non-RAID mode for the program to work successfully. It is advised to use a motherboard that is based on an Intel chipset for best results.