8ta connect

Telkom SA (Freeware)

8ta Connect is a third-party peripheral developed by Telkom SA and was released in 2011. 8ta is a telecommunications branch of Telkom Group Limited, a telecommunications company in South Africa, which handles most of the broadband services of the mentioned company. This group provides broadband services to its clients and customers. The company developed 8ta Connect to access the wi-fi servers of Telkom via the use of Huawei products under the label 8ta.

8ta Connect’s key feature is that it ensures that only Telkom subscribers are able to utilize their broadband wi-fi signal. This application does not only function as a gateway to Telkom wi-fi, but also as a source of information regarding the status of the connection. The software displays the status of the connection from download and uploads speeds to the amount of uploaded and downloaded data within a day, a month, and a year. It also provides users with access to their personal inboxes and outboxes, as well as a phonebook to store important contact information. The application also enables the user to send out text messages to fellow Telkom users.

The application is simple to use with its basic Graphical User Interface. However, some of the features of the application were developed for more advanced users.