8Bit Night 1

Retrosouls (Shareware)

8Bit Night is a 2D puzzle game in which players swap of spin the level horizontally and vertically to solve the puzzles. In this game, players control two 8-bit characters at once. One of the characters is the main character, and the other one is the phantom counterpart, which mimics the movements done by the main character, but in the opposite direction.

The goal of the characters is to collect all of the golden pixels scattered on the level. To do this, players must swap the two “dimensions” to make the characters exchange positions. Players can then switch between the two characters in order to collect the golden pixels, because pixels can be reached with just one (active) character. Once all of the pixels are collected, players advance to the next level. There are 50 levels in total.

Throughout the game, there are obstacles to avoid such as mines, spikes, floating skulls, and pits. Both main and phantom characters are vulnerable to these obstacles. To move the characters, players can use the arrow keys. The space bar makes the characters jump, the X key flips the level top to bottom and the Y key flips the level left to right. Characters can climb up and down ladders.