8 Ball Frenzy 1

MyRealGames (Freeware)

8 Ball Frenzy is a game in which users can play 8-ball pool against the computer. The object of this game is to pocket the black 8-ball into a nominated pocket (identified by the player) after pocketing the other seven balls from the player’s designated group, which could either be solids or stripes. In this game, there is a white cue ball and fifteen object balls (one 8 ball, 7 solid-colored balls, and 7 striped balls). At the beginning of the game, the 15 object balls are racked in a triangle. A coin toss determines who will break up the balls. Players stay at the pool table until they are not able to pocket a ball from their designated group or if they make a foul. The player who is able to pocket the 8-ball legally is declared the winner.

Players can choose their opponents according to skill. There are four skill levels available: Novice, Amateur, Pro, and Expert. Players can control where to hit the cue ball and the intensity of the shot. Directional arrows are shown from the cue stick to help players in determining where the cue ball goes. The game is played using the mouse; players move the mouse around to change the direction where the cue stick points.