7stacks 1.5 beta 2

Alastria Software (Freeware)

7stacks is a free program that enables users of Windows 7 to have icon “stacks” in the Quicklaunch Toolbar or Taskbar. 7stacks has an identical functionality with stacks from OS X but has an appearance that is more like Windows 7. Stacks may be created to a document’s folder and the specific document can be opened in a few clicks.
Icon clutter may be reduced through the use of stacks. Accessing and browsing documents in a folder can be done in a quick manner. Related icons may also be combined into one icon. For example, application suites like Adobe CS4 and Microsoft Office icons can be combined in and represented by one icon. Users may freely customize the visual look of stacks. Creating stacks is done by making a right click on a certain stack and clicking on the “Create New Stack” option located on the program Jumplist. A shortcut icon will then be placed on one’s desktop which can also be attached to the Vista or WindowsTaskbar, or XP’s QuickLaunch bar. A total of ten varied stacks can be pinned to the Taskbar. Using Menu mode, stacks may also be used from any folder or straight from one’s desktop without the need for them to be located in the Toolbar. The three types of stacks are Menu, Grid, and Normal.