7 Taskbar Tweaker 4.3.1

RaMMicHaeL (Freeware)

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is a desktop application for computers running on Microsoft Windows, which lets users tweak the Windows taskbar to configurations that are not traditionally offered by the operating system. Unlike other programs that enhance the core functionality of multiple versions of an operating system, this application only works on Windows versions that use the Aero graphical user interface. Users who don’t wish to install the program in their computers may still use the Tweaker by loading it from a USB Flash drive as a “portable” application. As a program designed to reduce the number of steps in completing taskbar activities, some intuitive features act as “shortcuts” that automate common tasks.

The desktop program gives users the option to incorporate third-party features into the taskbar. Some notable feature “add-ons” include jump lists where the user can click (or tap) to see a list of files and commonly used tasks of a particular program.

These features and premium add-ons are unique by traditional means of changing the taskbar configuration using the registry. It can be downloaded in localized versions of most major languages, including Arabic, French, and German, to name a few. Users can group items on the taskbar by using a plug-in for the Tweaker called Taskbar Inspector.