7 Sticky Notes 1.9

Fabio Martin (Freeware)

7 Sticky Notes is used for adding notes and reminders on the desktop. It is used for note-taking and for organizing important notes. The notes can also be synchronized and shared online with business contacts, family members, and friends. Another feature of the application is the alarm. The alarms for the notes can be scheduled and actions for each alarm can also be set. There is a variety of alarm effects to choose from. The desktop notes are customizable. The colors (blue, red, white, green, yellow, pink, and purple), as well as the font and style can be changed. Users can also add backgrounds and attach pictures to the notes.

Other features of the application are the following:

• Support for embedding URLs on notes
• Notes can be arranged and displayed in any order on the desktop (drag, resize, lock, display/hide)
• Password protection can be added to the desktop notes
• Automatic and manual backup and restore features
• Leaves a small footprint in the system

7 Sticky Notes also comes with a Notes Manager that enables users to view all existing notes and manage them. Note statistics are available for viewing, too. In addition, users can search notes can look for specific notes with the search feature.