7 Quick Fix


Many programs promise users of Microsoft Windows an all-in-one solution to many of the most common operating system problems a user will find when running Windows. With 7 Quick Fix, a small, highly portable, and very powerful program, users are given quick access to many system administrator functions such as enabling and disabling key functions like the task manager, system command prompt, registry editor and many others.

The program has one main window. However, there are six other windows of the program that are tailored to solve specific types of problems. The program is basically, as many users have referred to it, a Swiss army knife of system maintenance utilities for Microsoft Windows. There are many intuitive features that come with 7 Quick Fix, such as the ability to “restore missing stuff” this restores objects and options that may have been hidden away by malicious software such as viruses, malware, and hijackware. There is a whole window of the program dedicated to performance tweaks and the like. Probably one of the most important windows of the program is the “Errors and Crashes” window. This window fixes most of the common errors that cause crashes, and possibly the blue screen of death, on most Windows machines. The program contains a myriad of solutions to all-too-familiar system errors that Windows users will have seen once or more times on systems that they regularly use.