7-PDF Maker 1.4.1

7-PDF, Germany - Thorsten Hodes (Freeware)

7-PDF Maker is a program used for creating PDF documents. This enables users to create PDF files out of different file formats, such as PowerPoint presentations, text or Word documents, Excel sheets and many others. The application supports a wide variety of file formats. The application’s graphical user interface is easy to use, even for those who are not computer savvy. Files can be added to the application from the program’s browser. There are also four tabs for configuring the conversion. These four tabs are General, Security, Settings, and Log.

• General – Under the General tab, users can set the page range for the file to convert. Image settings can be changed as well. Users can choose to reduce the image resolution, enable lossless compression, or set the JPEG compression.
• Security – On the Security tab, users can set the encryption settings for the PDF document. Users can add passwords and change the access for the PDF file.
• Settings – Under this tab, users can change the output location for the PDF document and set the PDF viewer to use for displaying converted document after the conversion process
• Log – The log window displays the progress for conversion including the conversion thread and what the program is currently doing.