7 Artifacts 1.0

Dragon Altar Games (Shareware)

7 Artifacts is an adventure game developed by Dragon Altar Games. It features exploration of the ruins of Ancient Greece. The main goal of this game is to match gems of the same color in order to gather letters. These letters will be combined to trigger the power of several artifacts to unlock mystery codes. The player will assume the role of Lidia, a young magician.

The game starts when the ruler of Athens catches a messenger holding a box full of gems. The ruler decides to hire a magician to decode the secret letters to make sure that he will get the correct message. The magician and his follower start to unlock the secret message. As they do their task, they began learning the secret of the 7 Artifacts.

7 Artifacts is a problem-solving game as well. Players need to connect three or more lines of gems to come up with words that will complete a magic spell. Unlocking the secret message will save the citizens of Athens from tragedy. The player needs to finish several levels and collect messages in order to learn and unlock the secret spell. The gems may help the players only before midnight, so they need to hurry before that time comes.