602XML Filler 4.54

Software602 a.s. (Shareware)

Software 602 Form Filler is designed mainly to provide users with a means to submit smart forms electronically. Its general functions include signing, printing, and file conversion. The main function of 602XML Filler is for electronic approval processing. It is a handy utility with numerous applications in data procurement. This is a freeware that can be implemented by any company and incorporated into their networks. 602XML Filler by Software602 a.s. is able to connect digital certificate users and sign more than one user.

602XML Filler has many useful features including automatic calculations, automatic application updates, and spell check, which improve the efficiency level of the work being done. Moreover, the electronic signature and date stamp adds credibility to the outputs submitted.

It is useful for the people who this this software to make the most of the context-sensitive help function for accurate results. With this program, orders and quotes can be created in a jiffy. It is useful in completing personal forms as well as file transfers.  It is a program that supports invoicing via electronic data transmission. This is a utility that offers users with additional functions such as data authentication, printing, and exportation to PDF. Forms that are filled out can be sent via email.