5 Card Slingo DELUXE

funkitron (Shareware)

5 Card Slingo Deluxe is an exciting and fast-paced Slingo game with a poker twist. It has 3 game play modes which are “Standard,” “Mixed Matrix,” and “Untimed.” The objective is to play the your hands and obtain the best score and highest winnings as possible. Each game round will consists of five deals of five cards each. Each deal will be randomly taken from a standard suit of cards or a deck of 52 cards.

To begin playing the game, players must click the “Deal Cards” button. Participants will be given a number of cards that they need to invest in the same column their cards were dealt. Any card that is not placed there within the given time is lost. The timer for placing cards can be set to slow (45 seconds), medium (30 seconds) and fast (15 seconds). Players are not required to place all their cards in each deal. Deals can be played vertically, diagonally, and horizontally. Once a card is placed and the game progresses to the next deal, card placements can no longer be modified.

In each deal, results will be calculated and points will be awarded for various poker combinations. The game will end after five deals or hands.