4WomenOnly 7

Mutex Developments Inc. (Shareware)

4WomenOnly is an application that allows women to keep track of their menstrual and ovulation cycles. The program has a pink interface where women can input their menstrual information, such as the start date and end date, temperature, and other important information. Data can be viewed monthly, bi-monthly, daily, or in a bar chart. In addition, this program can also be used by expecting mothers. It has tools, such as childbirth date and gender prediction. Other tools included in the program are:

• Body Weight Calculator – Uses the Brokk and Lorenz formula for calculating the ideal body weight based on the age and height.
• Body Fat Calculator – Calculates the body fat based on gender, weight, and size of the forearm, hips, wrist, and waist.
• Basal Metabolic Rate – Calculate the BMR based on gender, height, weight, and age.

4WomenOnly has a statistics feature that women can check to see the cycle length, luteal phase length, and menstruation length based on information provided. For easy access on information, users can access the calendar month. Information is color-coded and there are symbols for activities as well. Menstruation days are shaded in pink, ovulation days are in green, and the day before menstruation is shaded in purple. Users can also access other helpful information by visiting the application’s website.