4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer

NeSoft Inc. (Shareware)

4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer is a program designed to modify the bitrate of an MP3 file. Bitrate is the parameter that represents the frequency at which an MP3 file is recorded. Files with a higher bitrate are bigger than files with a smaller figure. The audio quality is also better in MP3 audio files with higher bitrate. This utility is developed by NeSoft Inc. It may also be used to alter other sound settings.

The available customization settings are bit rate, channel mode, and sample rate. The program also allows users to toggle from variable mode to constant mode. Changing the bitrate requires a few steps. The first step is to right-click on the file and the second step is to choose the new frequency. 4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer is capable of batch processing a number of MP3 files. Automatic conversion occurs simultaneously. The conversion is completed while other tasks are ongoing. The same settings can be applied to all the tracks.

4Musics MP3 Bitrate Changer by NeSoft Inc. works quickly and efficiently. The user interface is laid out to facilitate ease of use. There is more than one option for adding MP3 audio files to be converted. The user can go through the file browser, use the folder view, or opt for the drag and drop function.