4Media DVD Creator 7.0

4Media Software Studio (publisher) (Shareware)

The availability of video cameras – as a stand-alone gadget, as a mobile device feature, or as part of a computer system – has allowed many to capture personal video clips worth keeping.  To provide a medium for storing these videos, 4Media Software Studio has published the 4Media DVD Creator, a program that lets most anyone create their own DVDs.

Aside from high speed burning and a built-in player for previews, the 4Media DVD Creator offers many other useful features:

• Conversion - The program allows users to convert and burn video files to DVD, such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, MP4, and more.  One can also create an ISO file as a backup.
• Customization - Users can create their own menus and adjust image effects, as well as embed audio tracks, insert subtitles, crop to the desired frame size, add watermarks, and more.  One can also adjust the parameters for both video and audio, including frame rate, aspect ratio, etc.
• Easy Burn Procedure - With its three-step burn procedure, all one has to do is load and prepare the video files, insert the recordable disc (e.g. DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-9, etc.), and click the button to start burning.

The DVD-making software has many more options to let users create highly personalized and customized movies.