4 Mod Installer - 1.2 (Freeware)

4 Mod Installer - is a game modification program that allows its users to easily change or modify the vehicles that they use in the GTA IV game. In this case, this particular program allows the players to make changes to the original vehicles and use them all throughout the game without any malfunction whatsoever.

Unlike other modifiers that normally end up with unusable elements, the 4 Mod Installer - allows for continuous gameplay without any software bugs or detection programs because of the improved parameters that the 4 Mod Installer - comes with. Application run utilities have been improved to allow the modified cars to work as if they have been programmed into the game from the get go.

Aside from the overall application run utilities, the 4 Mod Installer - also comes with improved individual parameters that comes on a per car basis. This means that higher functionality can be expected with the modified vehicles during the game. Since individual permissions are available, the modified cars used in GTA IV have little to zero compatibility issues. Apart from added permissions, the modification application has also been localized further improving the overall functions of the program.