4 Elements II 1.1

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

4 Elements II is a casual computer game where the main goal is to match three or more identical gems on the game screen. In this game, the four fairies have lost their powers because of a corrupt charm. The world has become ravaged, with the charm ushering in the age of darkness. The player takes the role of a hero who must help the fairies before the world is destroyed. To do that, a magical book must be completed and restored.

The magical book contains sixteen pages, each of which have to be completely restored. In every stage, there are five levels. The first four levels are games which involve matching three colored gems of the same color.  To do this, the player must swap a gem with another gem to create matches of similarly colored pieces. The matching can be either horizontal or diagonal. The final portion of every stage is always a mini-game. For example, one mini-game involves finding the listed items on the screen, as well as looking for the differences between images presented to the player. There are also a number of power-up items in the game. These items can be used to remove some of the gems in the level. The player is directed to the magic book’s last page, where the user can view his progress, when a level is completed.