3RVX 2.5 (Freeware)

The 3RVX application is a volume notification and management tool that mimics the volume control used in Mac OS X. With the Enable Hotkeys switched on in the configure app, it enables WIN+ or WIN- for increasing or decreasing of the volume. The hotkeys are customizable and the user can use an unlimited number of keyboard shortcuts for any action wanted, including a combinations of keys. The program also supports shortcuts for the mouse buttons and functions.

The system tray icon of 3RVX acts as the main volume level monitor for the system. This is triggered whenever the volume is changed using the application’s hotkeys. Removing the standard Windows volume control (to avoid clutter) can be done by going to the Windows Control Panel, clicking on sound and audio, going to the “volume” tab, and unchecking “place volume icon in the taskbar”.

There are multiple meters on-screen that can be customized. The program’s other visual elements (volume control slider, pop-up volume gauge, system tray icon) are likewise customizable with more than five visual styles to choose from. Users also have the options to download more styles or create their own. The program has multi-monitor support, the option of localized language, plus the option of completely reworked hotkeys.