3rd PlanIt Application 10

El Dorado Software (Shareware)

Model railroad track designers can benefit from the design capabilities of 3rd PlanIt Application. As a complete modeling and planning software, 3rd PlanIt provides tools for railroad enthusiasts to design layouts of their liking. It comes with a system for creating architecture and landscape in a textured style that permits a three-dimensional view. This means that designers can look at their creation from any location of the model as a point of reference. In addition, the application has a module for designing 3D objects so that users can apply to add elements like rolling stock (vehicles used or moving along a railway), buildings, equipment, automobiles, and other objects to generate a fully-detailed model. The software generates objects and terrain at high speed to facilitate the designing process. All objects can be rotated, tilted, and rolled.

An interesting central feature is the Multi-Sense User Interface that allows users to choose the work settings they prefer. The program provides a comprehensive package to aid modelers in building their design. High levels of detail can be realized through the extensive variety of design modules in the software. There is a Standard Library carries an automatic rescaling (size adjustment) function through which all objects can be available in all scales. This makes it easy for designers to position rolling stock and buildings in any scale. In addition, buildings and objects designed for another scale in a given track plan can be used as templates for scratch-building (building a scale model from the ground up).