3herosoft DVD Cloner

3herosoft Software Studio (Shareware)

3herosoft DVD Cloner is a program that creates clones or backups of D5 DVD and D9 DVD movies. This is a program that DVD collectors use for making copies of favorite movies and videos on a blank DVD disc. This utility is capable of one on one copying with the use of a DVD burner with a perfect “clone” of the original DVD which contains the extras, subtitles, audio tracks in addition to the standard menu.

3herosoft DVD Cloner can make a 100% identical copy of the original D5 or D9 DVD. This tool is also equipped with other functionalities such as:
• Squeezing dual-layer DVD-9 to one blank DVD-5 disc
• Copying DVD movies to DVD folders or to ISO
• Converting DVD folder and ISO file to DVD format
• Removes menus and selects audio tracks and subtitles
• Customizing DVD backup copy of favorite movie

3herosoft DVD Cloner can also copy DVD-9 files to Dual layer 8. The output DVD copies are of the highest audio and visual quality. 3herosoft DVD Cloner is an efficient program that ensures no quality loss during the creation of backup DVDs. 3herosoft DVD Cloner is designed to load ISO file or DVD folder as source and produce a perfect clone on DVD disc that also contains add-on features such the intro, ads, and movie trailers.