Align Taiwan (Freeware)

3GX is a flybarless support program developed by Align Taiwan. It works with the remote control helicopter toy to tweak their flight performance. It has a multi-functional and programmable system that boosts user experience in control remote-controlled choppers. This allows enthusiasts to enjoy their hobby, bringing performance and control to the next level using its top quality build.

This program is lightweight and easy to configure manually. It does not require a significant learning curve, which is ideal for many individuals wishing to try the program right away with their toys. Despite its lightweight feature, developers enhanced its features by coming up with two ports that connect with JR satellite receivers and Spektrum directly. It supports Futaba’s S-BUS system, an integral component in maximizing flight.

The program offers a simple to follow manual set up process. Graphical instructions are available with the guide and allow users to set up their preferred configurations in minutes. Step-by-step procedures are available, which guarantee effective configurations without omitting several steps. Developers also empowered this program with Bluetooth connectivity support. It serves as a preparatory step before the company released its Bluetooth connectivity kit, which will further boost its functionality.

3GX is also fully supported by its developers. Align Taiwan delivers continuous updates to ensure users will experience the latest features built by their experts. A forum is also set up for discussing questions about the program and troubleshooting procedures.