3DVIA Composer Player 6 (64-bit)

Dassault Systemes (Freeware)

3DVIA Composer Player is an application that is used to view content created with the 3DVIA Composer. It is an Applications Programming Interface or API and with this tool, content creators will be able to distribute Composer files to end-users such as project partners and clients.

The Composer is used in the field of engineering and product development and enables users to create animations and images in 2D and 3D. The illustrations, interactive animations, and other materials made using this program are then accessed either through the program itself, or by using the Player. The Player is a standalone application that can be sent to end-users who may not have the Composer installed in their computers. With this tool, end-users will be able to access Composer files. It supports images in 2D, including line art in EPS, SVG, and CGM format, and even raster images in high resolution in TIF, JPG, BMP, and PNG format. Additionally, it can open and play 3D interactive animations.

An ActiveX version of the application provides content creators with the ability to embed and control their Composer-made content in any program with ActiveX support. The Pro version of the 3DVIA Composer Player enables end-users not only to view and interact with the Composer files but to manipulate and query them as well for feedback.